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Venice Carnival February § We welcome you to experience Venice Carnival with our exclusive Carnival program.. Our programs are offered during this last weekend of Carnival and can provide you with hotel, personal costume and st fitting, a special afternoon on the 1 day,with a Cocktail and Buffet Lunch reception in a private palazzo on the Grand Canal, followed by a Gondola tour and on your arrival to San Marco a chance to create some excitement as part of our own Parade of Costumes. Other parties are also available, including our own Venice Dreams gala dinner party on the evening, for those wishing to extend their "dream" experience during the most exciting weekend for Carnival. § The package includes: Ø 4 days / 3 nights hotel Ø Costume Rental One Day – Ø Private Fitting in Venice Ø Gala Lunch Reception at Palazzetto Pisani-Ferri on the Grand Canal Ø Musical Entertainment Ø Gondola Tour/Parade in Costume to Piazza San Marco Ø San Marco Costume Parade Ø On-site Support Ø Venice Dreams Costume Dinner Party - Ø Costume Dinner Party at Palazzo Nani Bernardo on the Grand Canal Ø Full Dinner Ø Musical Entertainment Ø Historical Dancing
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